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New Survey Again Raises Alarm About Teen Drug Use, Attitudes

A new report finds that more kids say they are using alcohol and other drugs....(click here to read more)

A Message from First Lady Suzanne Carcieri

first lady sue carcieri Whether you are a parent, an educator, or a member of the community, you are undoubtedly concerned about the problem of underage drinking and substance abuse. The good news is that in recent years Rhode Island has seen improvements in the percentages of youth who are drinking and using other drugs; but there is bad news as well, as we have some of the highest binge drinking rates in the nation. If you read the article above this message, you will see that there is cause to be concerned. Unfortunately, teen attitudes about alcohol and drugs are becoming more tolerant, and youth substance abuse is on the rise again.

You need to know that there are RESOURCES that can help you influence your kids’ choices and keep them safe. Please connect with the links on this website to learn more, and urge the youth in your life to visit the websites developed specifically for tweens and teens.

As a mother of four and grandmother to fourteen grandchildren, I understand that we must work hard and continuously to get through to our kids. Information is a powerful prevention tool, and access to the right resources is critical when a child is in trouble. I hope you will find the links on this site helpful in our common effort to help raise the healthiest possible kids – and keep them free from substance abuse.

If Your Child Needs Help

If you suspect your child is abusing drugs/alcohol.

Please click here to link with resources to help you and your family.

Get professional help:

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General Resources

See links on the left side for specific information and prevention resources that can be used in the home or community. Please see links on the right side for more complete websites dedicated to prevention, alcohol, youth substance abuse, and policy.


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